Cherish - unappreciated

Hi. I would like to purchase picture #2. It’s the pic that looks like a present in black with a white bow. It reads, “Happy Birthday, Wishing you the best”.

1650s, "to esteem or value highly," from Late Latin appretiatus , past participle of appretiare "to set a price to" (see appraise ). Meaning "to rise in value" (intransitive) first recorded 1789. Related: Appreciated ; appreciating .

dislike (implied in disliking), hybrid which ousted native mislike as the opposite of like. 16c. also had the excellent dislove "hate, cease to love," but it did not survive.

Cherish - UnappreciatedCherish - UnappreciatedCherish - UnappreciatedCherish - Unappreciated